It was September 2003, and the recently graduated Dr. Idelbio Pérez was sent to give his social service to a small town in the north of the province of Matanzas called El Líbano. Forced to walk three kilometers from the road to his office, he often had to run that stretch to get to his patients on time, or to be able to take the transport home in the afternoon. Running and walking in a hurry were an obligatory part of his day-to-day life. And his patients led equally hectic lives, all of them always in a hurry, with "little time" to visit the doctor's office, or to eat, or to lead a healthy life. When asked why they didn't exercise, or didn't take their medications, the answer in most cases was the same: "I don't have time.
It was then that the "VERSUS TEMPO" movement emerged, a program dedicated to radically changing the lifestyle of those people and which has been spreading to other countries. Starting with a small group of diabetics who remained unbalanced despite treatment, it was achieved, through the use of Chronobiology, with Macrobiotic diets and organizing sleep and wake schedules, as well as physical activity and food intake, that most patients stopped depending on insulin, some were even able to stop taking medication altogether.
From that moment on, Dr. Perez has dedicated himself to studying and perfecting the VERSUS TEMPO program, bringing to the greatest number of people possible the idea that we should not fight or run against time, simply organize our daily activities, and in that way we will manage to feel better, see better, be better.
After ten years in the United States, after earning a PhD in Public Health, and becoming certified as a Personal Trainer, Dr. Perez continues to offer the VERSUS TEMPO program. Now with the help of technology he can reach more people every day, and in collaboration with the Wallisville Hispanic Clinic and a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, opened the doors of the first VERSUS TEMPO Center, inviting everyone to enjoy their time, make the most of it, live longer and better.